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DEMONSTRASION Our presentations have to do with closer look into everyday life, culture and habits of people living in IX-XI century. Show takes place around tents, subjects, tool and dresses, which are reconstructions of arecheological finds from early medieval years, where the participants will be able to taste a self prepared food, listing to the tales and will see the interesting life of Slav and Vikings,

1. HISTORICAL CUISINE Demonstrations and tasting of fresh prepared food in a pottery on open fire. Drinding a flour, backing „Podplomyk - a ritual, thin Slavic bread” and traditional bread, smoking a meat, fish and cheese.

2. CARPENTRY Carpentry demostration of every day life tools like: bowl, spoon, bucket.

3. DRUM WORKSHOP Making the wooden drums using natural materials, like leather membrans.

4. TAR WORKSHOP Presentation of tar destilation in so called cavity oven, using cattery.


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